Darlene Crochet Winter Headband

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Free crochet winter headband pattern for beginners

The Darlene Winter Headband is a simple and dare I say, cute and functional headband that will easily be one of the staples for your winter outfits. This headband will be the perfect gift for your mom, sisters, and girlfriends.

DIY easy crochet headband tutorial by Sincerely Ant
Me modeling the Darlene Winter Headband. Please, don’t mind my pj
DIY beginner friendly crochet headband tutorial by Sincerely Ant
Pardon my face

The inspiration for this was the 20’s fashion, where interesting hair accessories, turbans, bandanas, and hats were all the rage. Hence I made the design a bit wider than usual. Bonus point, you can fold or tuck in the bottom part to make it look slightly thinner while keeping your ear extra warm in winter!

Level: beginner-intermediate
stitches you need to know: double crochet and bobble stitch

Video tutorial on how to double crochet
Video tutorial on how to crochet the bobble stitch

1 skein of 4 Seasons Marvel 8 ply 270m/100g (100% acrylic) in creme color. You can also use other yarn with similar weight and yardage
4.25mm crochet hook
Darning needle

Stitches and Abbreviations:
ch(s): chain(s)
yo: yarn over
dc: double crochet

Special Abbreviation:
bobble: work 5 dc into the same space, leaving the last loop of each dc on hook, yo and draw through all 6 loops on hook.

*”dc 20″ means dc into the next 20 stitches
* wrong side means the side the bobble stitches are not showing
* right side means the side showing bobble stitches texture

Gauge: 14 cm square = 20 stitches wide x 10 rows tall in dc and bobble alternate

Circumference: 48 cm (headband circumference, not stretched), 58 cm (head circumference)

Foundation chain: ch 22

Row 1: dc into the 3rd ch from hook, 19 dc (20), ch 2 turn

picture of the first row

Row 2: [dc, bobble]* repeat until the last 3 stitches, bobble, dc 2 (20), ch 2 turn

picture of the 2nd row: dc alternate with bobble

Row 3: dc 20 (20)

Picture of the 3rd row

Row 4: [dc, bobble]* repeat until the last 3 stitches (17), bobble, dc 2 (20), ch 2 turn

picture of the 4th row

Row 5-38: repeat row 3 and 4 alternately. When you reach the end of row 38, fasten off

row 1 – 38 completed

Making the twist knot:
Fold the headband into halves and position them following the picture below. Make sure the outside is the “wrong side” and the “right side” is inside

Fold one half of the back layer to the front

Fold one half of the front layer to the back

You should get this shape now. Imagine it’s like 2 “V” shapes interlocking

Sew all four edges together. I like to go back and forth twice to make it extra secure

Once you’re done, fasten off and flip the headband so the “right side” is facing out. You should get the shape shown in the picture below.

You have completed your Darlene Winter Headband!
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DIY beginner friendly crochet winter headband tutorial by Sincerely Ant


  1. Thank you for sharing such an amazing headband knitting video. This is real fun, and I will surely try making one by myself. I have recently learned some tutorials to style my short hair using headbands. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, do try it. It’s perfect for Christmas gifts (it’s never too early to make winter stuff even though we’re just entering summer!)

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