Blair Adjustable Crochet Tieback Headband

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Free crochet pattern for beginners

Are you looking for projects to use your leftover yarn stash? Look no more! Ladies and gentlemen (I know men crochet too!) may I introduce you to Blair, my latest adjustable crochet tieback headband pattern. It’s quick, easy, and only requires single crochets to make. It’s also a good yarn stash buster since it doesn’t need a lot of materials and if you want, you can combine colors too. The best part is it comes with a tie back so you can adjust for the perfect fit. Let’s get making!

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Blair tieback crochet headband free pattern as featured on Sincerely Ant blog
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Level: beginner
stitches you need to know: single crochet, increase, decrease.


  • leftover yarns, I use Lion Brand Heartland in Joshua Tree
  • 10 mm crochet hook
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors

if you’re not using the same yarn and hook size, the result will be different. You can easily adjust by adding more stitches and rows though!

Stitches and Abbreviations:

  • ch(s): chain(s)
  • yo: yarn over
  • sc: single crochet
  • slip stitch: slip st
  • sc2 means single crochet in the next 2 spaces
  • 2sc means 2 single crochets in the same space (increase)
  • sc2tog means single crochet 2 together (decrease) – it’s done by making single crochets in 2 spaces without finishing drawing the last loops until you have 3 loops on the hook, then pull through 3 loops creating only 1 chain for 2 single crochets (decrease)

Gauge: 4 cm x 4 cm square = 3.5 stitches wide x 3 rows tall in single crochets.

Leave around 140 cm (or adjust as necessary)excess yarn when you first make your slipknot. You will use this to make the tie back chain in the end
Foundation chain: ch 3
Row 1: sc to the 2nd chain from the hook, sc (2), ch1, turn
Row 2: 2sc, sc (3), ch1, turn
Row 3: sc3 (3), ch1, turn
Row 4: sc, 2sc, sc (4), ch1, turn
Row 5: sc4 (4), ch1, turn
Row 6: 2sc, sc2, 2sc (6), ch1, turn
Row 7 – 20: sc6 (6), ch 1, turn
Row 21: sc2tog, 2sc, sc2tog (4), ch1, turn
Row 22: sc4 (4), ch1, turn
Row 23: sc2tog, sc2 (3), ch1, turn
Row 24: sc3 (3), ch1, turn
Row 25: sc2tog, sc (2), fasten off

row 1 - 6 of the Blair tieback crochet headband
the first triangle shape to start the headband using increases
row 6-11 of the Blair tieback crochet headband
Making the headband’s body
row 6-11 of the Blair tieback crochet headband
The excess yarns on the left and right (or top and bottom, depending how you see it) are the ones you are going to make into chains for the tieback part

Making the tieback chains
sc2tog so you end up with 1 extra row of only 1 single crochet (1), then chain 15, fasten off.

Go back to the first excess yarn you have when you make your first slip knot and do the same. Sc2tog so you end up with 1 extra row of only 1 single crochet (1), then chain 15, fasten off.

Blair tieback crochet headband
Finished Blair tieback crochet headband

There you go! I hope you enjoy this pattern and please share your make on Instagram by tagging @sincerely.ant or use #sincerelyant

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Blair tieback crochet headband free pattern as featured on Sincerely Ant blog

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    • Yes it is. Crochet looks daunting at first but once you got the hang of the basic stitches, you can make literally everything!

  1. This looks so cute, and it seems like a nice short and simple project! I tend to abandon long craft projects, so I like that this one is quicker than a blanket.

  2. This so cute! I almost learned how to crochet years ago in Girl Scouts. Some times I think about it and want to try it again.

    • Definitely worth a second try! I learnt embroidery during elementary school but I remembered my stitches were all horrible and slanted lol
      Glad at least crochet is easy to pick up.

    • When I first started crochet, I found patterns with more pictures are beginner friendly as I often get confused in the middle of making and reading. Glad it also helps others

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